HELLO EVERY ONE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOOKING ON OUR WEBSITE.​Space to support each other in learning how to be kind to ourselves. It's time for some radical self-care.My mission is to raise awareness for Mental Health.AND OBESITY.

It is such an important part of a person's well-being, and it is so often overlooked. This is a group that I will be posting general quotes and educational posts. The main purpose of this group is that if anyone ever needs a listening ear, feel free to message me privately. You are not alone..


some of you have seen us  on some shows ie this morning jerermy kyile show.and of course the benfits programes.we did these programmes not be famous but to show light on obesity and mental health .yes i went to booT camp my self and my wife lost weight  but i came home had strokes etc and i started confort eating again .we join the baratric serivce and  also a fornight hospital programme were eventually i can have a we are asking for the nhs to pay for it .


we have stayed away from negative press and media how ever if any one can help us out we would love to hear from you 


well hope  you enjoy our website 

steve and shellxxxxxxx

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