AFTER appearing on a UK documentary about paying for their wedding with benefits cash because they were too fat to work, Stephen and Michelle Beer were heavily scrutinised for being slobs. Not only were the vilified, but their obesity made it impossible for them to celebrate their marriage in the most intimate fashion. As a result, the couple were sliding deep into depression. Thankfully, after hearing of the couple’s struggles, two personal trainers from a boot camp came to the rescue. Paul Saunders and Mel Loader whisked the couple away from their favourite kebab shop — which also catered the couple’s wedding — and put them in a mobile home in the country. Now, after spending the last five months training six days a week and eating a strict diet, the couple have lost over 80kg between them. Before they started enjoying the benefits of their healthier lives, the couple’s first point of call was to make love and celebrate their wedding. “When you’re so big your love life goes out the window. You can’t even make love,” Mr Beer told theMirror. “But since we’ve lost weight we’ve done it for the first time in well over a year. I felt sorry for the caravan floor. “We didn’t do it on the floor though, we were on the bed.” While the couple enjoy their new-found ability to have fun in the bedroom, it is not the only added benefit they have discovered since dropping the excess weight. “When we first came I was doing seated exercises. Now I can run up and down. Everything has changed about me now,” he said. “I’ve come off blood pressure-medication and antidepressants. I’ve even stopped medication for type 2 diabetes. I feel fantastic, we both do. “If I’d stayed sitting around at home I would be dead by now.” Despite struggling throughout the transformation, the couple believes they have developed willpower and have a new lease on life. “Now I walk past a fish and chip shop it makes me sick. It’s the smell of the grease. Our palates have totally changed,” she told the Mirror. The couple have said they plan on maintaining their new routine in a hope to lose more weight so they can secure employment and get off benefits. “I can understand why everyone was against us in the beginning but I want to forget about that and move on,” he said. “We’ve come a long way now. We’re not sitting at home on our backsides; we’re doing something about it. I don’t want to scrounge off the Governmen

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WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY STEVE BEER·SATURDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2018 Weight loss is a journey – tackle it in stages. Some may get there very quick, whilst others may take ages. Weight loss is a journey, some take the stopping train, And they get off at the station, and then get back on again. While other lucky people seem to travel by express, With no apparent effort, each week they weigh in less. For some of us the journey, too often seems uphill. We never seem to get that far, struggle though we will. Weight loss is a journey – anyone can go But as you travel on your way there’s something you should know. Losing weight’s a journey that different for everyone, Some are happy to stroll along while others need to run. If you want to complete this journey, then forget about the rest. Each of you must travel the way that suits you best. As long as you believe it, you WILL get there some day, And so what does it matter if you’ve gone the pretty way? Weight loss is a journey, that certainly is true, And each of you must travel in the way that best suits YOU. You’ll make much better progress if you go at your own pace. ‘Cos weight loss is a journey – and NEVER is a race "I THINK I AM GOING AT A SNAILS PACE BUT I WILL GET THERE I KNOW, SOME DAY"

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