PORTHCAWL Elvis tribute artist Dave Smith added another title to his impressive list of achievements after being named one of Europe’s best. Elvis fanatic Dave was crowned Gospel Contest Winner at the European Elvis Championships after impressing judges with a rendition of the King’s 1960 track I Believe In The Man In The Sky. ADVERTISING The championships are held at the prestigious Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel and is Europe’s largest and most coveted annual Elvis contest convention. More than 80 performers battle it out every January – around the star’s birthday weekend – in the hope of being crowned ‘King of Europe’. The award this year went to Gordon Elvis – a former world champion who changed his named by deed poll. Competition was stiff, but Dave enjoyed himself nonetheless. “I just went up there on the off-chance to see what it was like,” he said. “It was a good experience and I really enjoyed it.” The prize is the latest in a string of awards 26-year-old Dave has collected since he began performing Elvis songs as a teenager. He has already twice been named Best Welsh Elvis at the Porthcawl Elvis Festival and appeared as a finalist at the town’s Images Of The King tribute competition for four years running. But his performing career only came about by chance after deciding to take to the mic during a holiday. “I went on holiday to Spain and got up to do karaoke,” said Dave, of John Street, Porthcawl. “When I finished people were asking me if I was full-time – I didn’t have a clue what they were on about. “Then the festival came along, so I just went down there and performed and it just went from there.” Dave is a regular performer at venues across the borough with his band Dave Smith and the Hound Dogs. 138259307782 Said Dave: “My father has always been a fan so I grew up listening to Elvis and that’s basically where it has spawned from. “When I got up in Spain I decided to do some Elvis.” As well as appearing at this year’s Porthcawl Elvis Festival, Dave also plans to appear at the town’s Images Of The King competition in May and The Ultimate Elvis contest in Blackpool in June. WalesOnline



"I speak to you as your Prime Minister in this hour of deliverance. The time has come to step forth to liberate Europe and set it free from Nazi tyranny. This vast operation is,undoubtedly,the most complicated and difficult that has ever occurred. It involves tides,wind,waves ,visibility both from the air standpoint and the sea standpoint and the combined employment of land,air and sea forces in the highest degree of intimacy and in contact with conditions which could not and cannot be fully foreseen.The ardour and spirit of the troops as I saw myself, embarking these last few days was splendid to witness. Thank God we enter all in good heart and all in good friendship" Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill Found on Google from

About Derek and his George Formby performances

About Derek and his George Formby performances An accomplished entertainer, singer, ukulele banjo player and actor having studied music and drama at the renowned Liverpool Crane Studios, Derek has a wealth of Musical Theatre, Variety, Music Hall and entertainment experience. Derek regularly performs a George Formby Tribute singing and playing his ukulele banjo not only as a 1940s Wartime Entertainer in 1940s shows but also in Music Hall Shows and at corporate and private functions also has appeared on TV and Radio. In addition to performing as a George Formby Tribute and Entertainer Derek is also a convincing Winston Churchill Lookalike and Sound-alike and gives an amusing Life Talk on Tommy Cooper which includes jokes and tricks! Derek's Entertainment Services are suitable for any occasion where you're looking for a bit of fun and good singalong and available for; • After Dinner Talks. • 1940s wartime shows / events • Variety shows • Music hall shows • Themed days out / holiday breaks • Live theatre • Private & corporate functions • Television • Radio • AND MUCH MORE! Pure Nostalgia

dean holland

dean holland  Elvis tribute act has kept people happy through lock down.very talented friendly person who can sing .

Bio: Bryan Tribble has always had a passion for writing songs it runs in his blood. Bryan has over 400 songs he has written and is still always writing. Bryan signed under his Manager, Joe Hupp and was under his management from (“1997-2020”) when Joe sadly passed away in early (“2020”) however when he signed under him back in 2006 his publisher contracted with Sugarland were he sign an agreement with them to cut a 10 song demo ,with his publishing firm "Ol hippie music", now days he He has been keeping it very quite, but is working on an 8 song deal with some of country music very biggest names in music ,this time Bryan is turning around heads in the music industry. He is also endorsed by the world famous Nicola Brand Strings . I am also signed under Power Brothers Recording Label. Buy all my music/hats/posters/shirts/CDs Powers brothers Recording label Power Bothers record label

Tomorrow my latest songs for my next folk/americana album are no longer in my hands as they go off to get mixed and mastered. There's always the questions and doubts with new material. Should I have put that fiddle part in? Was that your best effort? Does that line make perfect sense? At some point you always have to let the songs go and put them out into the world. I have some ideas but haven't settled on an album title yet but this is the song list in order (probably) 😊 1.The Crofter and The Cherokee - links the Highland Clearances with the Trail of Tears as two tribes are forced off their native lands for economic reasons. 2. Ghosts of Caledonia - Scotland has its share of heroes and rogues, some celebrated, some forgotten. Every action we make has consequences which history will judge. 3. The Miller’s Daughter - there was a time not so long ago when women had no say in their own destiny and were traded in marriage to the highest bidder. It still happens. No woman should ever have to be forcibly married to a brute because her family wants more status. 4. Letter From San Fran - story of a young man who travelled with high hopes and moral purpose but was seduced by the bright lights and his own carnal desires. 5. John Rae’s Welcome Home - Orkney explorer Dr John Rae should have been as famous as David Livingstone, Hugh Miller or John Muir but his rightful place in history was denied him for telling the truth. 6. The Curse of Molly McPhee - Molly’s “curse” is that she is a beautiful woman who spurns the men who want her. For this “unnatural” behaviour she is branded a witch and pays the price. 7. Avalanche & Landslide - individuals seldom have the power to influence change for the better but history has shown a whole movement can. United we stand, divided we fall. 8. Trespass - successive generations of oppressive rulers and the powerful elite have stolen the common land for the benefit of all and used feudal law to hoard and privatise for their own personal profit. “Give me a lurcher and the dead of night”. 9. Old World Rules and Empire Takes - The Scots played a big roll in the birth of an independent America on both sides of the independent argument. “Scottish blood in American clay”. 10. North Atlantic Summer - both sides of the North Atlantic share similar weather patterns, geology, flaura and fauna and at one point millions of years ago were part of the same landmass. 11. The Widow and The Cruel Sea - the story of a young widow doing what she had to do to start a new life with more opportunities in the colonies 12. Banjo Lullaby - a lighthearted song of menace and domestic terror as a whisky-crazed father insists on playing a demonic banjo during his children’s bedtime. 13. My Bonny Boys Have Gone - there are so many songs of heroic journeys, epic voyages and new worlds but not many about the mothers who were left behind to worry.

MUSIC YULIYAH is a singer/songwriter from Latvia. YULIYAH started her career performing in London clubs, but then went on to National TV and successfully participated in Britain's Got Talent and Idol. YULIYAH then released a number of songs independently and in collaboration with other artists. YULIYAH has attracted a lot of attention among international listeners for her pure vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Among her releases are singles “I’ve Got Myself”, “Missing Piece”, “Cheeky”, “London City”, “When You See Me Dance” and album “Between East and West”. YULIYAH continues to perform live and produce great music.

BIO From a young age in rainy Britain, I dreamt of warmer days, perhaps in Laurel Canyon where Joni Mitchell and Eric Clapton were sitting on a lawn playing songs for each other in some alternative universe. I spent my days day dreaming and in school, to get out of class - I was allowed to join the music group (which unbeknown to my young self, was sort of cult like in its religious beliefs) but I was taught 4 chords on guitar. Those 4 chords changed my life. I took this new weapon (guitar) home and I strummed these 4 chords over and over. I had no real idea of who these songs were about, this guy they were adoring and devoting their lives too and honestly, it made me feel a little uncomfortable - so I made up my own words. Probably, most likely, about how the dinner ladies had scrimped on the chips today at lunch time. And thats how I became a songwriter! ...Fast forward a few years later - I’ve fallen in love with the Beatles & moved to Liverpool where I was fortunate enough to play the world famous Cavern Club. Then I’m driving across America on my own with just my guitar on my back. I played venues in Nashville, Phoenix, San Diego and the renowned “Hotel Cafe’ in Hollywood, LA. It was there in Hollywood, that I learnt about Peg Entwistle - the British actress who jumped off the Hollywood sign after having her part cut in a movie. Only to be called later on to be offered a major role. Her story inspired me and I wrote 'Land of Dreams’ After my previous single ‘Heartless’ had such great support, being featured on the Janice Long Show and being made song of the month on BBC Radio - I’m excited to put ‘Land of Dreams’ out into the world - my own interpretation of Hollywood, the glamour, the darkness and the fallen dreams. My release date of Land of Dreams is 16th September 2020 - 88 years to the day Miss Entwistle left her body. Peg, this one is for you!

glen vass

glen vass

Glen Vass - Elvis Tribute Artist  from sidney   austrila   very good entainer  and  very good singer

Charley started performing at the age of three and trained at the prestigious ‘Northern Ballet School’ in Manchester where she completed a three year course in Dance, Singing and Acting. During her time studying Charley was also selected to create some works for young aspiring performers, combining music and movement at ‘Bridgewater Hall’ in collaboration with ‘The Halle Orchestra’. Since graduation Charley has appeared in many productions throughout Europe including ‘Jack and the beanstalk’, ‘Oliver’, ‘The Nutcracker’, and ‘Aida’ and has also appeared in various advertising campaigns. Recognised as one of the leading Marilyn Monroe lookalike and soundalike’s in the U.K, Charley has performed as Marilyn at major events for corporate clients around the world. She has also worked alongside many celebrities and was even asked to appear at an event for the then British Prime Minister David Cameron. She can currently be seen in the award winning national tour ‘The Rat Pack Is Back’ singing Marilyn Monroe’s biggest hits including ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend’ and ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’. In her own show, Charley is honoured to include a brand new arrangement of “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” arranged for her by the Legendary Las Vegas star Buddy Greco. Buddy who shared a friendship with Marilyn for many years wrote what was sadly his final orchestration, as a salute to his dear friend saying at the time that Charley “has the innocent beauty that I looked at when I was with Marilyn all those years ago and trust me that’s hard to find” A big compliment indeed from someone who knew the iconic Miss Monroe so well! Image may contain: 5 people


BIOGRAPHY Being a professional singer for the last 10 years, Lauren has a wealth of experience in the industry in shows, events and touring amongst other things. Lauren has a large repertoire across all genres from Dusty Springfield to Adele meaning she can cater for virtually any occasion with a specified song list. A professional, fun and vibrant performer, who will make any occasion a special one. From the age of 18 Lauren has worked and performed at many venues such as, Haven, Butlins, Hotels, Pubs, Corporate and abroad. Moving on to a UK Tour with Viva Productions performing in High Production shows such as King meets Queen and Sounds of the underground. Lauren is now based back in the UK working as a Solo/Tribute artiste performing in many different venues for any occasion.

Danny Zaino and Theresa Lynn Zaino

Born August 2, 1960 Danny Zaino, originally from Long Island New York, is a noted actor, producer, TV / radio host and hand to hand combat fight choreographer for the motion picture and television industries. He is an instructor at the famous Kahana Stunt & Film School located in Groveland, Florida. He is the owner and operator of his own production company Living The Dream Productions which produces the digital media publicity & promotions company MASBTV NETWORK home to Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Martial Arts Entertainment Radio, and Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine. His latest accomplishments include "The Road To Hollywood" MASBTV 7 Show News Season filmed in Los Angeles / Hollywood and San Francisco, California, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida; "Hard Core Cooking" with Danny Zaino where the audience will learn to cook traditional Italian and American dishes to include slap stick comedy routines with plenty of action and stunts; and the making of the documentary film "Born To Compete" - The Zaino's which is a 10 year project in the making, still in the pre-production phase to include a book which will be released to the public first by MASBTV Hollywood Publications. ​ Danny Zaino is a professional martial artist with over four decades of dedication to the industry currently holding the rank of "Kudan" (9th degree Black Belt) and is the Founder of the American / Japanese & Okinawan GoJu-Ryu Karate & Kobudo Federation. Excelling in sports throughout his school years to include wrestling, football, and baseball Danny began his martial arts career in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 1976 at the age of 15 with the local YMCA. Danny was a natural and gifted athlete and received the "Presidents Award" in High School for outstanding athleticism signed by President Nixon. Dabbling in the arts of Kang Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do and GoJu-Ryu, Danny began serious training after High School when he joined the United States Army as a Military Police Officer in 1979. While stationed in Korea on the DMZ he studied the art of Moo Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do. After a 12 month tour in Korea he was transferred to Fort Bliss, Texas where he joined the United States Army Karate Team studying the art of Japanese GoJu-Ryu. During this time Danny competed and performed extensivly on the international level. Upon completion of his Military service in 1982 Danny became a Florida Police Officer and earned the title of "Kumite (fighting) Champion" at the Florida Police Olympics in 1985. During his extensive martial arts career Danny has produced over 50 plus Black Belts under his tutelage producing numerous State and World Champions to include martial arts actors. Among his many students Danny also taught his wife Theresa and three children Tony, Joey, and Dominque Zaino who are all accomplished martial artists and State / World Champions. From 2000 to 2008 he ran one of the top martial arts competition and performance teams in the United States sponsored by Pepsi Americas called National Team Pepsi "Show Team" (now "Team Americas") known for their unique and entertaining performances. Danny has been recognized by his peers numerous times and is the reciipient of many Hall of Fame Awards to include: 1994 - 2007 - "Promoter of the Year" for his Battle of the Arts National Martial Arts Championships, 1997 - 1998 - "Outstanding Martial Arts Weaponry" for Innovative Weapon Design for his creation of the "Pure Warrior" Sports Tonfa for competition, 2002 - 2007 - "Coach of the Year" for his National Team Pepsi "Show Team", 2006 - "Outstanding Show Team Award" National Team Pepsi "Show Team" awarded by famous martial arts actor YK Kim, 2009 - "Demo Team of the Year" Team Americas, 2012 - 2016 - "Outstanding Contribution in Publishing and Media Coverage" for his MASBTV NETWORK "Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio & Magazine", and 2018 - "Goodwill Ambassador to the Martial Arts" for his years of dedication to the arts. Danny Zaino served in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer from June 13, 1979 to June 12, 1982. He served on the DMZ in Korea from October 18, 1979 to October 14, 1980 during the time of the assassination of South Korean President Park Chung-hee, the Gwangju Uprising (Massacre), and the Iran Crisis. He is the recipient of the Korean Service Medal. When his tour in Korea ended Danny was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas where he became a member of the United States Army Karate Team performing numerous demonstrations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico as a recruiting tool for the United States Military. Danny was honorably discharged and to this day is an advocate for the PTSD Program for traumatized combat Veterans and their families. Among his many accomplishments Danny also worked as a professional tile, marble and stone contractor by trade.


Born an "Air Force Brat" January 29, 1963 in Fort Dix, New Jersey, SAG-AFTRA Theatrical Talent Agent Theresa Zaino spent most of her early childhood in England and upstate New York eventually settling in Palm Beach County, Florida when her father retired from the United States Air Force in 1973. Early on Theresa discovered she had a love for music and dance and during her teenage years was an active member of the North Palm Beach Country Club where she studied Jazz Dance and performed on stage in several musical shows. Theresa was also a dedicated member of the Jupiter "Warriors" Chorus throughout her middle and high school years performing in numerous school variety shows and holiday events throughout Palm Beach County. She was also a member of the Jupiter High School all girls chorus "Serenity" which in her Junior year won First Place for their outstanding performance at the Palm Beach County annual music contest in 1980. After High School Theresa followed other avenues of interest to include Nursing and Dental Assisting but soon found her way back to entertaining the public when she joined her future husband Danny Zaino with his martial arts program performing in many self defense demonstrations throughout the 1980's and 90's to later include her role as assistant head coach of their National Team Pepsi "Show Team" sponsored by Pepsi Americas. From 2000 to 2008 the team performed around the country with their unique and entertaining martial arts shows with Theresa in charge of running the music and announcing for all of their performances. In 2006 the team was the recipient of the award "Outstanding Show Team" Of The Year which led to Theresa's career in online radio with The Danny & Theresa Zaino's "Martial Arts Radio Hour" co-hosted with husband Danny Zaino. The show originally aired on the Action Radio Network later moving to the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio they formed together in 2007 on the MASBTV NETWORK. In 2009 Theresa helped create the online magazine Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine followed in 2010 with the creation of Martial Arts Show Biz TV, an online interview reality based news show originally starring the Zaino family. In her spare time Theresa continued to audition for roles in television commercials but took a different direction with her entertainment career with the suggestion of her manager Hollywood Stunt Legend Kim Kahana Sr. from the Kahana Stunt & Film School and started her own Florida State talent agency in 2012 located in Jupiter, Florida. Always reaching for the stars, in 2017 Theresa took her agency to the next level becoming a Hollywood Franchised Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) agent. Today Theresa runs a unique agency that not only is dedicated to finding her clients work, but because of her promotional background helps get the word out with her Action Entertainment "Hollywood News" a format she created to include promotional articles, radio, and TV interviews. Theresa Zaino is a professional martial artist currently holding the rank of "Hachidan" (8th degree Black Belt). Theresa began her martial arts training in 1984 under the tutelage of future husband Danny Zaino and has remained dedicated to the arts for the past thirty five years. While committed to the GoJu-Ryu style she has also studied the arts of Kang Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do and Thai Boxing. From 1985 to 2006 Theresa competed professionally on a state, national and world level and assisted with the training of their National Team Pepsi "Show Team" (now "Team Americas") which included the training of their three children Tony, Joey, and Dominique Zaino who are all accomplished martial artists.

Jale Antor

xfactor  judge rinder .Remember Jale Antor? No?! Of course you do - she's Cheryl's number one fan/impersonator. This week she made her return via #XtraFactor. And it was magical...

Danny Michael Sloggett

Community activist Danny Sloggett, 44  highlights issues in Jaywick, Essex  Mr Sloggett is the founder of the Jaywick Sands Happy Club and the organiser of the annual Jaywick's Got Talent event. His most popular videos attracted more than 300,000 views each.


Groovy is a word not often used to describe our senior citizens but Hungerford’s iconoclastic cabaret artiste Jane Buckle is the delightful, life affirming exception to the rule. The 62 year old’s original style and exuberance has been subject of a Channel 5 documentary, OAPs Behaving Badly and among other great performances, Jane has also recently endured the gruelling X-factor selection process and appeared on the show in the initial round.

Jane, 62, famous for her Miss Viperish act and age defying gyrations including the splits says, ‘I don’t want to die and be anonymous, I want to rock till I drop.’ She was invited to audition for the legendary television show several months ago and cleared the first, second third and fourth rounds before spending a day last month filming at Wembley Arena. ‘It was one of the best days of my life’ says Jane who appeared with her famous snake, Mr. Fantastic and sang Born to be Wild and Hippie Hippie Shake. Jane’s unconventional Miss Viperish act developed in the wake of her father’s death from Parkinson’s when she made the life-changing decision to dance her way out of the darkness. An inspiration to young and old alike, Jane is living proof that invisibility is not an inevitability of ageing and that you can be whoever you want to be at any stage of life..

Ellinor Springstrike

Ellinor Springstrike announces the release of her new single ‘Never Too Late’ which will be available on all major streaming sites from 25th August 2020. Ellinor Springstrike is one of the fastest rising stars in country music with her previous single ‘This Fire’ seeing, to date, over 400,000 streams and airplay on stations all over the world. It is hardly surprising then, that her latest single ‘Never Too Late’ was written by some of the world’s best songwriters. The songwriters are Grammy and CMA nominated Jimmy Robbins who has 12 top ten hits under his belt, Grammy and CMA nominated Nicolle Galyon and CMA and ACM award-winning singer/songwriter Jon Nite who has 14 American top ten hits to his name. In the producers chair is the multi award winning songwriter and producer Jimmy Ritchey who has worked with many country music legends in his 25 year Nashville career..’ Ellinor Springstrike is a Sweden born country music singer. She grew up in Umea and recorded her first album ”Good and Gone” in 2012 together with Canadian songwriter Cyril Rawson. Cyril has written songs for Gretchen Wilson, Keith Urban, and Reba McEntire, among others. After taking time off to raise her three children, Ellinor is back performing in the Scandinavian market, as well as working towards building her brand in the US and UK market. Ellinor is now traveling back and forth between Nashville and Sweden, working with hit songwriter and producer Jimmy Ritchey. The Swedish up and coming country star Ellinor Springstrike was discovered in 2019 by the world renown hit songwriter and producer Jimmy Ritchey from Nashville, Tennessee. The grammy nominated producer has written, and produced number one songs for various artists, and has been active for 25 years in Nashville. George Strait, Mark Chesnutt, Jake Owen, Pam Tillis, Sam Hunt, William Michael Morgan, to name a few… Ellinor has had a full schedule since she met Jimmy. By the end of 2019 her social media numbers climbed to over 11,000 followers in just a year. The talented country singer will be touring Sweden, both Germany and England during next year. With more and more bookings coming in, 2021 is off to a great start! Over the past year, writing and working on Ellinor’s EP to be released in 2021. They made time to release “A Country Christmas” last November, the song written by the duo along with hit songwriter Don Poythress. The track features Ellinor’s signature voice and Jimmy on guitar. The first single on her upcoming EP was released in march 2020 called ” This Fire ”. Please direct all enquires to Ellinor’s management: Ritchey Entertainment Group, Nashville PHOTO

DarrenJoe Watson

Hi, i hope your well and keeping safe... My name is darren watson Mr one linner... Joke machine.. Im 44 and recently filmed a fun online date for yahoo uk here it is Iv filmed a number of tv shows (8) now all with me having fun and cracking jokes I was recently on ninja warrier elisode 2 where i had a bio of me telling jokes before my fun run and i was on blind date in 2018 too. Cracking jokes again. And a few weeks ago on friday i was briefly on the jamie redknap show on sky one And also appeared on the last episode of the peter crouch show too Iv filmed 3 tv pilots 1, britains best joke 2, a tradeshow where i was plumbing and giving professinal advice as well as more jokes 3, john bishops pilot. I work as a plumber, and im a first aider and a mental health support worker too. I believe if you can help someone you should Im sporty, and a black belt in judo too I was cheshire and manchester 1st kyu judo chamion And i was invited to train with the thay and brailian parylimpic judo squads for a two week camp proir to the london games And we all keep in touch through social media too I think iv filmed so many shows in a short space of time due to my quick fire jokes and banter ... 8 shows in 2 years I live in stockport south manchester Heres my first ever comedy gig... Subscribe and like and share please... 😜👍 ‪07860171290‬ is ny mobile number too Thanking you Darren watson


Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg Susan Leigh, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist, Stress Management, Relationship Counselling, Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester. Academy of Curative Hypnotherapy Qualified (Distinction), Accredited Member of the Stress Management Society, Member of Hypnotherapy Association, Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (Accredited), Member of the College of Medicine Counsellor and Hypnotherapist Susan qualified with the Academy of Curative Hypnotherapy, holds the Counselling Advanced Level 4 Diploma, is an accredited member of the Stress Management Society, Member of the Hypnotherapy Association and a Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (Accredited). She is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and is a member of the College of Medicine. She is a highly respected Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester based counsellor and hypnotherapist and a regular contributor to national and local BBC radio. She has appeared on BBC1 TV and is a highly regarded hypnotherapy trainer and presenter. She hosts her own twice weekly afternoon chat show on Trafford Sound radio, available online or via the Tunein App. She writes and contributes regularly to local, national and international websites and publications and has published 3 books - her first in Autumn 2012, ‘Dealing With Death, Coping With the Pain’. Since then she's written two further books, Dealing with Stress, Managing its Impact and 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday available from Amazon or this website. Susan has been helping individuals and businesses since 1988 when she set up Lifestyle Therapy counselling, hypnotherapy, relationship counselling and stress management with her husband in Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester. Susan provides a sensitive, professional and confidential counselling and hypnotherapy service: One-to-one treatment for clients, tailoring each session to their individual needs, whether that be using counselling, hypnotherapy or a combination of both. Relationship counselling – working with couples in matrimonial or dispute situations, helping to mediate and find compromise, whatever the eventual outcome of the relationship With businesses, providing corporate support through staff training, workshops and healthcare either to individual clients or in a group setting. And is a long established contributor to national and local BBC Radio, using her wide experience in counselling and hypnotherapy to discuss topics as diverse as dreams, abuse, stress management and even acting as “agony aunt” to listeners who phone the radio station. She is also a Member of Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce and a coach member of Manchester Collaborative Pod


Eddie started singing in his church choir. As a teenager he started a punk band, The Jolly Sods. "Then we had a glam-type band named Okay. I used to play drums with that." "We had this allegedly good-looking lead singer at that time. One of our songs was 'Demon Cassette Record Player'." "That got people going. We were like a punkified Gary Glitter." Oddly, however, young Eddie's first ambition was not to storm the citadel of showbusiness - but to be a librarian. "I have hundreds of books. Most of them I bought between 18 and 19." But he quit when he found the job was "quiet and boring". Eddie made his first appearance as Elvis by chance. He was running his mobile disco at a holiday camp in Rhyl, south Wales, when the main act failed to show. He decided to step out from behind his turntables and on to the stage. It was a defining moment. "I came out dressed up as Elvis in leather trousers and a big jazzy shirt and the women screamed," Since then he has been Elvis in pubs and clubs around York, appeared on many TV and radio shows and been the subject of news stories in The Sun, Star and Daily Mail. He took the name Eddie from a Wizzard LP, Introducing Eddy and the Falcons, and Vee from the fact that "Elvis tended to be called EV by the Memphis mafia". By far his biggest exposure to date was in that Channel 5 documentary. Whether true to life or not, the Channel 5 documentary did spark his sudden entry into politics. Alan "Howling Laud" Hope, Screaming Lord Sutch's successor as leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party, read a newspaper report about it and immediately recognised that Eddie had true Loony potential. "He saw us in the newspaper saying how proud I was to be from Yorkshire," Eddie explained. "He called me up and said 'I like anybody who's proud of their own area. The fact that you're a bit of a nutter about Elvis is good as well'."


Elizabeth Davidson

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Lizzy. I help busy professional women who don’t have the time to waste on conventional DIETS, SLIMMING CLUBS or EXERCISE, lose weight once and for all. I help them STOP any further weight gain in it’s tracks while they work. Allowing them to take back control and lose their unwanted excess body fat once and for all, feel great and increase their energy to give their business or profession 100%. I support and guide them through proven to work ‘on-line’ Weight Loss Programmes which use only real whole food. No calorie counting, shakes or gimmicks here. Meaning socialising (sensibly) is still on the cards! I devised my Programmes especially for people like you, people who struggle to achieve their desired weight loss by using conventional methods and are really fed up about it. Both my mum and my sister enrolled on one of my Programmes, and to date have lost a whopping 8 stone between them! Watch my quick video to find out who I am and why I can help you when other weight loss methods could not.